"Right in his Belly!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010


by Belly Boy

The loser boy clanged his locker shut, then nearly jumped out of his skin. There, beside him, stood the hottest of the hot girls in the school. From her teased hair to her toenail polish, she was his erotic dream. She was the subject and star of interminable mawkish fantasy masturbation scenes in loser boy's attic bedroom. The mere sight of her down a crowded lunchroom could give him butterflies.

And now she was so close to him he could, for the first time, inhale the scent of her. It was as rich and bewitching as desire itself. And she had worn her tightest hiphuggers and a frilly little pink nothing of a top.

This late after school, he didn't expect anyone else in the halls, much less his erotic queen, dressed like a bluejeans belly-dancer and staring at him and smiling.

"I want you to come to my party Saturday," she said. And then she said his name. The first words were astonishing, and yet somehow it was the sound of his name that made his stomach drop inside him. Not just the nirvana of hearing it in her voice, from her lips. But that she even knew it! A girl of her caste never bothered to study a dweeb long enough to learn its name. If one such as her spoke to one such as he, it was typically a blunt, "get out of my way."

She had said his name.

"I want you to come. It won't be a party without you." She was so close now, her thigh brushed against his crotch. Her hand lifted his white T shirt, and her fingernails stroked his stomach.

"If you do come, ..."

She pulled back, but only a step from him. She began to move her hips in a slow little bellydance. She ran her fingers up under the hem of her top, pushing up, holding it between her breasts to bare whatever little had been covered of her belly. The other hand shoved sharply down to her belt buckle and gripped it and pushed it south till every last bit of her lower belly stood bare.

[She paused just to enjoy the effect of this erotic assault on the poor loser's libido. He seemed to melt and freeze at the same time. His whole body positively quivered.]

... Then lifting her doe-eyed stare to his eyes, said, "I'll let you kiss my belly-button."

He seemed to have lost his ability to breathe. Words would not grunt from him, and he began to panic.

"What do you say?" she whispered. Then she dropped her belly-flaunting pose and simply stood up to him. Her voice got 40 degrees cooler.

"Too good to be true? It is, wimp. But listen. I got a new boyfriend and I need to show him off. You're going to be the punching bag. Go to my party and I'll tell him something that will make him pick a fight with you. Of course, he'll beat you up in front of all my guests. There's no question of that. And that's what I want. I want everyone to see what a beast he is."

Now the poor fool felt breathless from the chill of it, and from the fear he had of other boys and their hard little fists. That had been his secret fear for as long as he could recall. It made him a conflict-avoider, a hippie, a pacifist. Or what she said. A wimp.

"Oh, in case you're wondering: Yes, I'll enjoy it all. I'll get aroused watching him punch you out. He's such a wicked bully, it really turns me on to watch him pummel some wimp's weak stomach."

"So what do you say? Still in on the deal? Oh, I'll make sure he leaves no marks on you. 'Just belly punches,' I'll tell him. 'Just belly-whomp him to his knees so we can laugh at him.' There. I like that kind of fight best, anyhow."

"So what do you say, boy? I am serious about my belly-button. Come, and you'll get your kiss. Just one. I promise."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I knew if I just hung back and tried to cover myself he'd pick me apart with his fists. So I did the bold, foolish thing and rushed him. At least that way I had a chance to get lucky. And the next thing I felt was like a cannonball fired into my belly.

My mouth flew open. "OOUFF!!"

My eyes fell and I saw his tendoned forearm holding his clenched fist deep in my stomach. A loud grunt rolled from my throat. Tim's fist pulled out. "Can't breathe ... can't breathe," my mind was pulsing. But out loud I was not speaking at all. Just groaning out long, low belly-ache moans.

But the worst of it was the girls. They were laughing. Sitting on the couch with their arms around one another and laughing. Genevieve laughed out loud and Skye said, "Oh, right in his pot belly."

"Nice punch," Genevieve agreed. "Right in the stummik!"

I just stood there, trying to press my knees up against my aching stomach, which of course was impossible while I was still standing, but I couldn't help it. I was pure reflex. The result was that I kept lifting one leg, then the other, till I was tip-toeing in place, with a wide-eyed face.

"Look!" Gen pointed at me. "He's doin' a belly-ache dance." Skye tossed her hair back and laughed.

Tim proceeded to show off for these bare-bellied princesses by using my stomach for a punching bag.

He pushed me back and I fell into the wall.

I heard Skye call out, "Hit his belly!" and then a second later I felt another punch pound my stomach.

I OOUFF-ed from my punched belly. And now Tim was truly showing off, because he followed through the punch with some martial arts spin move that left him standing with his back to me, right under my outstretched arm, and his elbow jabbed back into the pit of my stomach.

UUUUUHH!! My poor belly had never known such suffering. I clapped my hands over my bare belly and howled. Then I made pathetic empty noises with my wide-open mouth as I desperately tried to find my stomach muscles and breathe.

The girls seemed to find this highly interesting. Even satisfying.

"Hey, wimp," Skye called out. "Is that the best you got? You're gettin' your belly beat!"

But Genevieve pretended to feel sorry for me. "Ah, leave him alone. He can't take it in the stummik!" Then she looked at Tim. "Come on, hit the pot-bellied wimp!"