"Right in his Belly!"

Monday, September 9, 2013

Yes, It's Deliberate

It's the stun of awareness that hits you when you get a punch in the belly in intimacy.

This person, who makes you feel like he just rammed your stomach up your lungs with a casual shove of his fist, is loving this.

Is getting off on it. On having given you that punch right plump in your gut.

Your lover erased your person-hood for the duration of your suffering. And the sight of you proving it, writhing and belly-aching, is an erotic delight.

The eyes that sparkle as they watch you get humiliated by a belly-punch -- those eyes deliver the second wallop, the invisible follow up punch, the one that takes all the voice out of you, the one that hits your soular plexus.


  1. the pain in your belly hurts but the look of erotic excitement in her eyes , you know she is loving every second of your bellyache

  2. worst part is when she tells her friends about your epic belly beating ...if she is loving it imagine what her friends want to see

  3. if the guy can punch then let his belly take it ...no pain in her belly

  4. That's how I felt getting punched in the gut and suffering inside.

  5. hey, i know this guy my girlfriend said two guys were squaring off ready to fight .i have watched him fight before .he always goes for the belly ...watch him .....he is good .his hands are big i said to her .watch him sink his fist into the other guys belly .three punches she said and it will be over .she counted the punches as they entered his soft belly .one, two, three...he grunted then went down .i asked her how she knew about the guy.she told me .we go to the same gym .i watch him all the time ..he has asked me out a few times ........hey.she said .be careful .i will have him punch your belly out in front of me .i know he will do it