"Right in his Belly!"

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


My fight opens with me making a series of ineffective lunges and haymaker swings toward my opponent. He easily dodges or blocks each one, and he responds to each one with a hard punch in my belly.

Each of these counterpunches makes me recoil and grab my belly. But he holds his fire and lets me recover myself and go at him again. And again he baffles me and whomps me in the stomach. These jabs to the belly take their toll on me, and soon I'm puffing and wheezing and weak.

She knows he is doing this to impress her. It angers her against him. But another part of her is turned on by it all.

That's when he gives me the big uppercut in the stomach. That does it. As someone calls out "bellyslammer!" and they all laugh and cheer, I grab my belly and "OOF" out loud and body-rock up and down convulsively while my wobbly knees try to move me away from him. I lose balance and dash to my knees, body upright, still gutpunched and lost in a bellyache.

He walks in front of me. Wide-eyed, I clench my hands and hold them up in a begging gesture. But he mercilessly kicks me in the belly. Black boot to white belly. My whole body jolts, freezes, wide-eyed, and then I pitch forward, face-down, belly-first. And quickly I flop over onto my back, writhing and shaking, stomach thrust up, arms and legs fish-flopping, in the helpless zombie-dance of the winded.

... wind knocked out of me ...

The necessary other-half of the humiliation belly-punch. I let myself get so vulnerable that she saw a man square his arm and ram his fist straight into my helpless belly. And it stripped all the self-control from me, and made me a physical fool in front of her.

That specific and humiliating way I responded to the shock and body-panic of a sharp punch in the stomach. The potbellied, kettle-drum impact thud, then the clownish OOF! sound I make.

Then the achingly long seconds of my breathless silence. The full throes of it, when my diaphragm just won't budge to let my lungs draw air. That frozen, dying feeling. The spear of pain that he lunged into my stomach transfixing me, crucifix and san sebastian in one pose, pinned bug. Every second it goes on adds a lead weight to my humiliation. Every second I lie there stunned and gape-mouthed, tear-streaming, unbreathing, the brand burns deeper into my belly.

The brand is her gaze, whether she wills it or not.

Finally I draw a breath, but a scant one, and quickly bleated back out. And so it goes, breaths coming more rapidly, but my bellyache still owns me, and I can only grunt and bray and make sour faces -- uuuh! ooooouu!

All that from one punch right in my belly. Even if it was a cheap shot, a boy's supposed to be able to take one or two stomach punches, or at least recover quickly from them. But there I am, still down and belly-punched, long past a count of ten, if there had been one. The panic possessing me, my body writhing in embarrassing tortured poses I would never allow her to see me assume. A head-to-toe picture of complete male failure.

She's not a bad girl. Really. She tells herself. To like this, a little? She looks at me and knows, pityingly, that I'll always be shy of her because I am ashamed that she watched me get my belly beat up. That's what a nice girl would feel, right? A girl that's not a bully's slut.

My belly is right there when he takes his victory stomp/pin.

Before he's finished with me, he's given me a nickname -- oof-belly. And that's what he and his gang will be calling me, loudly and publicly, for a few days at least, until they tire of mocking my belly and move on to some other sport. I hope. Meanwhile the other girls who did not see the fight, will hear them taunt me and go ask her what it's all about. And she will retell it in detail many times. Some will want to hear it more than once.


  1. no such thing as a cheap shot .if your belly is wide open .your going to get punched . first punch softens your belly and you are finished ...she saw what she wanted to see and will tell all about it ......... guess you deserve the name ....ooof- belly

  2. are you calling me an oof-belly?

  3. Ooof! If I had you up against the wall, shirtless with your fat pale belly hanging out, in front of some girls, and I was burying my fists in the pit of your fat stomach, the girls would know you are my Ooof belly!!

  4. get together and settle this

  5. we are all oooff bellies when we get a wicked , solid punch in the belly in front of beautiful women

  6. it is quite an experience when you find out that the girl you have been with for years has a belly punching fetish .when watching a movie a fight would happen and she would excitedly say .punch him in the belly . i would mention , that was a good one .she would reply ...........not good enough ....one time while she was working in an office two guys were arguing and a fight broke out .she calmly got up from her desk and watched as one man destroyed the others belly .she was telling me the story that night and how much she liked it . i asked her what is there to like .her eyes got wider and she said the sound of a closed fist hitting the other one in the belly and the sound he makes .it is like they were fighting over me ..even my panties got wet .i asked her , hey . what if i got punched in the belly in front of you ......replying if he was bigger than you and knows how to punch .i would love to see it happen .i happen to know a few guys that would like to beat you up because they want to be with me . i have one offer that i might not turn down ..........jimmy told me that he would beat you up in front of me ..i told him give me time to think about it BUT . i want you to punch his belly so good that he falls at my feet ,,,,,,,,,,,,this way i can feel that i have complete control over what happens to your soft belly .others are waiting .so be careful .....your belly will be hit by their fists but it will be for my enjoyment .........thats what you get for having a soft belly that is an easy target ............be careful

  7. might as well put a target on your belly ......one of the guys that wants her will get you and she is going to watch it .guess jimmy is the one to watch out for . no knots on your head but pain in the belly

  8. worse part is she wears shirts that show a little bit of her belly and she has a nice figure with a great pair of legs. guess i will lose her to one of these guys and get a good bellybeating in front of her .having a soft belly is not good .she has told jimmy about it .i know that ............jimmy did tell me that he would beat me up in front of her ..she just laughed . didnt think it would happen .having a soft belly and getting it punched in front of her ........embarrasing

  9. it did happen .around the street from the office .jimmy was walking up the street we were walking down as he got closer i could see in his eyes he wanted to get me .....she said . no . no not here ... too late he ripped a thunderous punch in the middle of my belly ....she was still saying .jimmy no ..oh to hell with it . beat him up ....jimmys eyes were fixed on my soft belly . my lady was standing there with her arms folded showing her fantastic bellybutton .punch after punch landing in my belly .he stopped for a second and hit me above the left eye then went back to the belly . i finally caved in and fell on the sidewalk holding my hurting belly ..jimmy said to her . i guess thats enough .look at him ...belly aching in front of you and his eye will start turning black and blue ..she was glad that it had ended ..........finally beaten up by the man who wants to take her from me . she helped me up and told me that she had seen him beat up guys a lot worse than what i had gotten ..... while limping away ..i got the feeling that her panties were wet from watching but had no strength to feel them

    1. she ended up leaving for a job out west .before she went a guy named Eric sought me out and punched me in the belly a few times.last one i went down .guess who was watching from a parked car ..yup. she said i told you i was going to se your belly get punched before i left .thank you Eric

  10. Worst part is when you're straightening your hair or reaching for an object placed high on the top shelf and you don't see it coming. You know your gut was hanging out and that's y you were punched. You're not fat you don't have definition in your abs just a soft belly. You get punched and automatically suffer in front of an audience, holding your gut shamelessly.