"Right in his Belly!"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Can't Take It in the Belly

He gave me a classic four-punch bellyache. Sealed with a kick.

First a chop in the pit. No warning, just let fly a sidearm punch, and his hand's edge jutted into my bare belly. He chopped me high on my stomach. Totally winded me and froze me to the spot.

Bug-eyed and stunned, I watched in silent horror as his other fist served me up a belly-busting uppercut punch.

It was a real stomach-masher, a slug to drive the OOF! out of my gut and double me far over.

He pulled me upright again, rared back, and POW! - he let me have it. Right in the belly with his full-force fist. Drove me right back to the wall, and he caught me there as I arched myself away from the impact. Caught me good and hard with a bellyslammer. Pinned my belly-button to my spine and sent my breath on a long vacation. I was on my way to my knees before his fist left my gut.

My suffering and weakness drove me down to the ground, and I writhed there and grovelled on my belly.

I tried to rise and he caught me stretched out on my side, sucking for air, and gave me a contemptuous kick with his boot to my belly.

I scrolled in the sand helplessly, mouthing a winded, silent "O!"


  1. now that is what you call taking a belly beating

  2. I'd love to have you beat my soft gut!

  3. anonynmous . i will beat your gut but there has to be women watching it

    1. Beat away lol!

    2. anonymous .will your wife or girlfriend be willing to watch your belly take a good beating ?

    3. Yes, she does and she punches me too.

  4. always more exciting when a woman is cheering on the guy that is beating up another especially when the punch in the belly is a good one . she wants more because the sound and his pain is getting her turned on

  5. took a fight years ago on short notice .i knew the guy was good but i figured i could take him.i knew also he was an awesome body puncher ...first round .i was getting some good shots on his nose and chin .one swing i missed ,he hit me in the ribs .a right and a left .he was so fast .i could feel myself out of breath a bit but i took a good swing and missed then he let me have it right in the middle of my belly ..i covered up .not good enough ..his punches were getting thru to my belly with everything he threw. i was grunting and wincing with every punch ... punch after punch to my aching belly .......we had a woman referee that night .she was watching and counting the punches to my stomach .....one more in the belly i got .i went down to one knee ..hand holding the rope ...she called off the fight .raising his hand in victory .she told me .i had to call it off .your belly was taking too many punches .i could see the pain in your face when they landed in your gut ........... funny thing .i quit after that and later was dating the female referee .she still teases me about it .....ha ha ha . .you may have wanted to continue but i called it off .your belly took too many punches .one night she was laying on the couch .no bra on .with just a T shirt on just covering her boobs .belly showing .she said laughing .i saw the guy that you fought he is still asking me why i stopped the fight .he was having fun punching your soft and weak belly . i told him that i was dating you and that when your walking around the house in shorts i look at yur belly and still see his fist in it

  6. 2 on 1 lower abs conditioning. Setting, gym class. The stronger guy pinned my arms behind me while the punches carefully measured his target, my stomach. Naturally, I tensed my upper abs but the puncher must have noticed because he plowed deep into my soft underbelly. I doubled in two not expecting my lower abs to be mush. The guy behind me instantly became semi erect from the force of the blow, as did I. We were all a little embarassed because there were bystanders that began to notice so we played it off as a joke and let it go.