"Right in his Belly!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I never suspected it would be Ann. She seemed so shy and conservative and awkward in herself, like I was. I didn't even think she owned a bikini, or a bare-midriff top. I knew her parents probably never would let her wear it if she did. And she was a "good girl."

But I should have known better. I was young and a fool. I didn't realize the girl of my dreams would be behaving exactly as Ann was now: confused and ashamed of the powerful, weird desires she felt, and being very shy about everything associated with it.

Later I knew her for the delightful bellypunch vixen she really always was. We spent many an hour watching TV together, picking through the right shows to see what we sought. But this was before all that.

Then, I thought the girls who would love bellypunching were exactly the bellyflaunts, and the tough sluts who hung around bullies. But they couldn't have cared less about the scene I craved. Yet still, then, I fixed all my dreams on them.

Ann just kind of snuck up on me. She and I were friends. We were among the geeky "good' kids. One day we were lying on the grass and she reached up for something above her head, and it made her shirt ride up and I had a fantastic, close-up stare at a delicious belly-button. It was a sudden jolt, being face to face with a goddess' navel like that, unawares, and it overwhelmed me. I lunged out and kissed it firmly with my lips.

Ann squealed and jerked away. I realized she'd been deeply insulted and was furious with me. A little more angry than the situation warranted, I thought, even though I had been a perv. And I apologized for it. But she didn't seem to let it go, though she stopped scolding me about it. And there was a whole lot of emotion going on in her eyes besides fury.

It all came together for me a few weeks later, at the height of summer, when she invited me to go swimming with her and her sister. She directed me to a remote spot on the river. Then her sister showed up with two goons from the football team who clearly weren't there to hang out with me and go swimming.

My heart raced. Could this be it? Did Ann set me up for a bellybeating, or just a beating? I took no precautions. I made sure I got both. I was surly and cringing in just the right measure to excite their contempt. I made repeated references to my stolen belly-kiss, just to focus Ann and them on it.

And then when the girls stepped back and the guys started jostling me, the only thought in my head was to keep my belly soft, unprotected, and thrust out.

And I got it. Oh, I got it. The first punch caught me after Guy had pushed me toward his friend, and I was off balance and bent forward. Instead of catching me by the arms and roughing me up some more, as they had been doing, the friend swung his fist up and under me. As it happened he caught me right in my stomach and winded me at once. I felt stunned and frozen.

I was about to drop down, but he grabbed me then and hauled me up and turned me and pushed me toward Guy. I saw Guy set up his punch and I did nothing to stop it or duck it. I let him swing his fist right into the middle of my bare belly. For Ann, for the primal sexual energy of her, for my need for all that into me. I took it in the belly for her.

Friday, June 12, 2009


by Belly Boy

A very partial list of women I'd love to enlist to stand and watch me get my belly beat up in a fistfight. And like it, lol.

Coyote Ugly-style bartender girls.

Lyla Candles, Internet model and belly-flaunt extraordinaire. She has the most sensual belly and the sweetest belly-button -- and she knows it and she's proud of it. And she loves to dress up to show it off. What a woman.

Lia Labowe. Because on some kicking site she lists her favorite place to kick a man as "in the stomach." She'll punch you right in the belly and she'll like it.

Megan Fox. That face! So haughty and disdainful. She'd never even look at you unless her boyfriend was beating you up. Which is what is happening right now.

geek girls who want to act out their evil goddess fantasies. Or their cruel odalisque lusts.

ren faire bellydancers. Just because.